NCX, the exclusive importer and distributor of a wide range of Honda products to meet the needs of customers in the Kingdom of Cambodia with high quality and leading technology, including:
- Honda motorcycles
- Honda
- Honda Agricultural Machinery
With the anticipation of many customers across the country and to meet the actual needs, the company has officially launched the new Honda DREAM "FOREVERGLORY" motorcycle, the number one motorcycle in the Cambodian market. High quality and unmatched luxury. 

This year, Honda DREAM "FOREVERGLORY" brings a new taste of luxury, spreading prestige and superiority, perfect luxury, modern in every way, surrounded by hot gold plates, reflecting precious diamonds, reflecting the unparalleled value. You are heading for a glorious new era.

The most special and admirable thing is the completely new design, with stamps on both sides of the front, designed with the most luxurious gold plate, highlighted by the surface, designed with precious diamonds, NCX logo, gold color, a collection of values. The new enhances the highest honor, prestige and prestige for you.

The new stamp on the body of the motorcycle, designed with the most luxurious gold plate and the perfect diamond piece, emerges beautifully and stylishly, as well as the new Honda DREAM logo, gold, chrome, glossy finish, diamond-shaped design, combined to create New values with overwhelming potential.

And the special features of Honda DREAM are still maintained with strong engine power, good use, durability and longevity combined with new counter! Exquisite design from gold plate, highlighted by a diamond on the counter.

Note: All customers can buy at all Honda motorcycle shops across the country from September 24, 2021 onwards.
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