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  • A vehicle is equipped with many parts which can be worn down, weak or corrode to lower performance, depending on the condition or length of use. and some parts can be estimated it’s performance base on the periodic of usage or mileage, example engine oil, oil filter, air filter etc. parts are considered to divide in to group base on the manufacturer or distributor/dealer.
  • The group summary: (maintenance parts, general parts, body parts)

      1. Maintenance parts: engine oil, oil filter, air filter, engine coolant, fuel filter, brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, etc.
      2. General parts: engine system, suspension system, air conditioner system, electrical system, drivetrain system, steering system, etc.
      3. Body parts: headlight, tail light, front and rear door, front and rear bumper, front and rear fender, engine hood, trunk lid, roof panel, frame, chassis, etc.

      • Below is the information of some parts function as a reference.

          Maintenance Parts General Parts Body Parts
          1. Engine Oil

          Function: engine oil is used to lubricate, seal, cleaning, cooling, and prevention corrosion.

          2. Engine Oil Filter

          Function: oil filter is used filter particle thing and make the engine running smoothly in the engine system, and also it can remove contaminants from engine oil as well.

          3. Air Filter

          Function: air filter is used to filter the air to be cleaned before it goes to engine cylinder, it can prevent dirt or dust goes inside the engine.

          4. Engine Coolant

          Function: engine coolant is used to cool down the engine while it’s running and it prevent from overheating that lead to damaged the engine.
          1. Engine System

          Function: engine is power unit that generate the power to drivetrain system in order to make the vehicle running smoothly and comfortably.

          2. Suspension System

          Function: suspension system is used to support vehicle for improving riding comfort and to provide steering stability.

          3. Air Conditioner System

          Function: air conditioner system is a cooling units to generate cooling temperature in the cabin space and maintain clean air in the space in order to provide comfort for driver and passengers.

          4. Electrical system

          Function: electrical system is very important for a vehicle. It is used to supply power source to all area that is need to provide the vehicle running smoothly and comfortably. Without electrical, vehicle cannot run.
          Body Parts:

          Body parts are designed to make a vehicle good looking. (appearance, and attractive)

          1. Headlight:

          Function: headlight is like human eyes, it is showing vehicle appearance and lighting during darkness times in order to provide enough light for driver during driving.

          2. Tail Light

          Function: tail light is also for good looking and good appearance to vehicle and also it tell the information of the vehicle when it will stop or turning.

          3. Front and Rear Door

          Function: Door is like a wall to protect driver and passengers in the cabin space and also it functioning as the entrance for people moving in and out of the vehicle.

          4. Chassis

          Function: chassis is designed to support and hold the vehicle body for rigidity and safe driving. It is also designed to absorb crash impact when the accident happen.